Sunday, May 31, 2009

The dBs

Where did The dBs come from and what the heck became of them? In the days when I lived on student wages and the intrawebs were the fanciful dream of the cider-deluded engineering student, The dBs were band that cast a beautiful shadow. They never toured to Perth, though Peter Holsapple joined REM on the road, and never seemed to be written about. There was a lovely sense of mystery about them, not quite like early Belle & Sebastian but maybe not far off. Enough to say that The dBs played a style of pop that was embraced by many, including I think, Dom Mariani (then and still a charming man).

Anyway, tripping about the interwebs, invented thankfully in the intervening years, I found this delightful short film by Emily Hubley. Hublely has gone on to a successful career as an animator - and the dBs? Well, who knows, and if the song seems a little light on, well, such were the times.

Saturday, May 16, 2009


What a week. 

Friday, emergency trip to the dentist to start root canal. 

Friday night, Fremantle Dockers throw away perfectly winnable home game with lousy kicking.

Saturday, French language class, introduced to the subjonctif tense. 


Oh, well. Stumbled on this on ABC2 a few Sundays ago and it has been following me around ever since.