Thursday, December 25, 2008


So the solution to the where to get the buche de noel turned out to be pretty simple. Do it yourself. A quick search of the intrawebs, a couple of hours to weed out the totally chocolate versions and, eh, voila! I made it myself.

You will just have to take my word that, though. I followed this recipe from the BBC website.

I had plenty of raspberries and should have used more in the filling. (Should have read that part a little closer!) But it was enjoyable and surprisingly easy. The roll is a meringue-sponge and not as fragile as I feared. The result was a real crowd-pleaser and very, very tasty. 

Next year I will experiment and try for something lighter. All that cream...but a happy alternative to pudding.


lili said...

We don't get a PICTURE?

Mike said...

I know, no pic, but take my word for it: looked great and tasted mmm, mmm! Beaucoup de berries!
Hey, I heard Tony Greig on the cricket this morning wexing lyrical about buche de noel. Richie needed to give him lessons on-air as to how to pronounce it. Heh, heh.
When I told the owner of Parisian Pates that I was going DIY she high-fived me!