Wednesday, December 23, 2009

A year of Serge?

Sometime next year, perhaps at the French Film Festival in March or April, the Serge Gainsbourg biopic will be all over the cinema. So expect an upsurge in interest in the great songwriter, singer and arranger.

In English speaking countries Serge Gainsbourg's name tends be mentioned just before a smirk. All that saucy French nonsense, it's not real music, is it? Oh, it is most certainly is. For me, he's easily in the company of the Brian Wilsons and John Lennons of this (or the other) world. I think of him as akin to Joe Strummer for intensity and charisma.

Nicknamed 'Cabbage head', he still persuaded Brigit Bardot and Jane Birkin to share his breakfast coffee.

So I await the film version of his strange, troubled and dramatic life with much interest. With a little luck it may even encourage a wider appreciation of his music.


Adam said...

He definitely deserves to be among Wilson & Lennon. Great comparison! As a huge fan of Gainsbourg, I just want to say thanks for spreading the word. Earliest English-language release I've found so far is Sept 30th, 2010 in the UK, but should find out more countries soon. I created a fan page in celebration of the film's release on Facebook. Add it and stay up to date on news, release dates, reviews, and general Gainsbourg videos, links, etc..


Mike said...

Thanks, Adam. Is because he made music for adults, not teenagers, that puts him on the outer? And we find that hard to take seriously.